The Benefit Bank of SC helps you put more money in your piggy bank.
Do your teenagers need their teeth cleaned? We can help.
TBB-SC sites are anywhere people live, work, pray or play.
Train to be a TBB-SC counselor and start helping your community.
File your taxes at home with our Self-Serve program.
SNAP is available to provide healthy food for your family.
Are you getting all the resources available for your family? We can help.
Help Seniors file for important resources and benefits.
The resources you need to take your family from crisis to sustainability.


Is The Benefit Bank of South Carolina (TBB-SC) an actual bank?

No. TBB-SC is NOT actually a financial institution. We give people more access to a ‘bank’ of benefit applications--all in one place—saving time and money.

What benefits applications can you help me complete?

We can assist in completing applications for: Medicaid, Low Income Subsidy (LIS) (Rx Assistance), State and Federal taxes (refunds returned in 10 days or less), Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) (formerly food stamps), Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) (eligible children 0-19), Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), Free Application for Student Federal Aid (FAFSA), Voter Registration and Lifeline & Link Up (assistance with home and cell phones).

Is there a charge for using TBB-SC?

Our service is offered at no cost to consumers. People should NOT be charged for having an application completed. If a TBB-SC site or counselor attempts to charge you for services, please contact us at 1.800.726.8774.

What is Quick Check?

Quick Check is our potential eligibility service. It is a fast and easy way to see how likely an individual is to qualify for tax credits and benefits available through TBB-SC. A series of brief questions are asked to assess potential eligibility. Quick Check uses a star-based system; the more stars displayed the more likely the eligibility for that specific credit or benefit. Quick Check even checks for tax credits to help with finding low cost health insurance through the healthcare marketplace.


Use Quick Check by clicking on "Am I Eligible' on this website.

What are TBB-SC sites?

TBB-SC sites are non-profits, Community Based Organizations (CBOs), faith organizations, local & state government agencies, United Way agencies, and businesses. (Anywhere people live, work, pray or play.) Our sites get their staff and/or volunteers trained to be TBB-SC counselors. The counselors help their community fill out applications for benefits and work supports through our web-based service--all in one place—saving time and money. A TBB-SC site provides counselors, a computer, a printer, Internet access and a phone in a setting that is respectful and private place they can use the service. We are structured to assure the privacy and confidentiality of all client data.

If you can file applications at agencies, why should I use TBB-SC?

Every year, people who need benefits aren't accessing them. Millions in benefits and work supports are NOT accessed and people go without needed food, medical care, etc. TBB-SC provides an easy, web-based solution for family and individuals to file several applications from various agencies at one convenient place, in one interview.